Are you a doctor, dentist or nurse who is looking at cosmetic training courses?

Do you want control over your training, how much practical experience you get and the cost to you?

It is not always easy to find training courses that suit your learning needs and professional accountability, but Aesthetics Inc. can help.

Foundation Botox Training

This Botox course is an introduction to the cosmetic use of botulinum toxins for new practitioners.

During our Botox training course, delegates will learn to inject the three basic areas on live models to gain practical experience. Delegates will learn how to inject glabella, peri-orbital lines and the forehead, learning how to give total paralysis as well as medial and lateral lifts to the eyebrows for a more natural look.*

Lady having Botox injected into crow's feet

Why should you choose our Botox courses?

Aesthetics Inc. is a recognised provider of aesthetic courses for medical professionals. All our courses include extensive injection time with patients, not just with mannequins. The hands on injection time is the most important part of any course. Most of your clinical training time during our course is dedicated to assessing and injecting patients. We can provide your patients for the workshop although you are welcome to bring your own models if you prefer.. This ensures a good range of indications for you to assess and treat during the day.

The Foundation Botox Course is the first choice for many medical professionals starting out in aesthetic medicine. Botox is a very effective treatment for the lines and wrinkles caused by muscle activity (dynamic wrinkles). This course will teach candidates how to assess the face and inject the three most requested treatments in aesthetic medicine.

What botulinum toxin products are used?

We will review the range of botulinum toxins available in cosmetic medicine. These include Azzalure®, BOCOUTURE® and BOTOX®. For the practical injection session, the Azzalure product will used.

Why do we use these products?

We prefer to use Azzalure for the practical workshop. The Botox injection technique that you will learn is applicable to other botulinum toxin products (dilutions and units are not interchangeable).  Ultimately the choice is yours.

Will I get the opportunity to treat patients during the course?

Yes, if you look on the training outline you will spend the majority of the course injecting patients that are provided by us. We believe the only true way to learn is to have an extensive hands on practical experience for each course. Our insurance covers you for your practical injection time under our close supervision. You are welcome to bring your own model or even have a treatment yourself. Please inform us in advance as the model appointments are scheduled before the training day.

The foundation Botox courses are held on the Wirral and will soon be held in Liverpool also.  We also provide courses in London.  Our clinics have spacious treatment rooms.

What do we teach during the foundation course theory?

  • Anatomy of the upper face
  • Overview of facial musculature
  • Aging of the skin
  • Overview of the multidisciplinary approach for the rejuvenation of the aging face
  • Review the range of botulinum toxin products
  • Adverse events and treatment responses
  • Pain management protocols
  • Injection techniques for botulinum toxins
  • The indications of the face, which can be treated effectively with Botox
  • Botox pre-treatment protocols
  • Medical history
  • Botox post treatment protocols
  • Botox patient consent forms
  • Review of Botox consultation protocols
  • Prescribing
  • Sourcing botulinum toxins
  • Insurance
  • Clinic start up

The practical Botox injection workshop will include:

  • 9.15am Registration and refreshments
  • 09.30am Review of the core knowledge plus questions and answers
  • 12.00 pm Observing a demonstration of the procedure on a patient
  • 12.45 pm Lunch
  • 13.15 Hands on injection time with patients. Your tutor will also review the key notes from your theory. Ratio of 1 trainer to 5 candidates maximum
  • 17.15-Questions and answers

Candidates will be working in small groups for the practical workshops. Each group will evaluate and inject the patients provided by us. Our trainers will closely supervise and advise while you inject. All candidates will treat the following indications during this BOTOX training course:

  1. Horizontal forehead lines
  2. Glabellar frown lines
  3. Periorbital crow’s feet lines

What are the exclusive resources Aesthetics Inc. provide to our course attendees?

Our candidates will receive free membership to our Medical Aesthetics Academy. These include all the treatment documents you require, such as medical history, treatment records and consent templates.

You will be presented with recognised certification which will enable you to source insurance and set up pharmacy accounts on completion of the course.

In conclusion the Aesthetics Inc. Botox training course will provide our candidates with the knowledge, technical skills and business guidance to start their career in aesthetic medicine.

  • Recognised certification
  • Verifiable CPD points
  • Pre & post course support
  • Lifetime membership to The Medical Aesthetic Academy e learning
  • Clinic start up guidance and resources
  • Unrivalled hands on Botox injection training with patients

Recognised and Established Cosmetic Training Courses

Our training courses are recognised by all major insurance companies and have CPD points approved for medical professionals. Therefore, our candidates will be ready to source insurance and start their journey in aesthetic medicine when completing this course.

Contact us and we will send the cosmetic training information pack. Our trainers also provide a mentor and support service if required.

*Botulinum toxins are prescription only medicines as a result they must be administered following prescribing guidelines. Consequently, nurses and pharmacists require the V300 qualification to provide a private prescription. Alternatively, they will need to work with a prescriber to practice on completion of their Botox training course.

Dermal Filler Training

This is a Foundation Dermal Filler Training Course for medics who are new to aesthetic medicine. The applicant must be a qualified medical doctor, dental professional, nurse or pharmacists. We will teach you the basic injection techniques used to treat facial lines and folds with hyaluronic acid fillers during this course.

Needles placed on different regions of the face

The Aesthetics Inc. foundation dermal filler course will provide our candidates with the in depth knowledge and hands on injection training to ensure a good level of confidence on completion of the course.

This dermal filler training course is not manufacture led, therefore we will provide an unbiased review of the range of successful products available. These include Restylane, Teosyal, Belotero, and Juvederm Ultra.

The objective of the foundation course is to teach practitioners the standard injection techniques to treat lines, lips and folds with hyaluronic acid fillers.

Foundation Dermal Filler Training Overview

The dermal filler course is structured to optimise our candidates time.

Aesthetics Inc. dermal filler course attendees will:

  1. At the point of securing your place on our course we will email you our training manual so that you have time to study it prior to your training day as this covers the full theory for the dermal filler course.
  2. Attend the training day where you will review the training manual and practical dermal filler injection sessions. This can also be arranged as a bespoke course at your clinic.
  3. Perform the injection techniques under the supervision of our expert trainers.
  4. Receive your certificate at the end of the training day.
  5. Download the complimentary dermal filler templates and documents from your online Academy account.

What Dermal Filler products are used for this course?

The products selected for the practical injection workshops are the Teosyal and Juvederm Ultra range.

Why should you choose to train with these dermal fillers?

The products we choose for training are safe and supported by extensive clinical data. These fillers are the core products used by top injectors to provide high patient satisfaction.

What procedures will you learn on the dermal filler course?

You will be learning the dermal filler injection techniques to treat the following indications:

  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Lip Augmentation and Definition
  • Perioral Lines
  • Oral Commissures
  • Fines lines
  • Marionette Lines

Do candidates get the opportunity to inject patients?

Yes, if you look at the dermal filler training course outline the candidates will spend the majority of the course injecting patients.  This program selects patients with suitable indications who will be injected by candidates under close supervision of the Aesthetics Inc.

What assistance do Aesthetics Inc Training candidates receive?

  • Complimentary membership to the Medical Aesthetic Academy.
  • Your certification is recognised worldwide and we have continuous professional development points approved for doctors, dentists and nurses
  • Up to 7 CPD points achievable for this course
  • Support and updates

We provide master classes with dermal fillers. These include Tear Troughs and Lip Masterclasses.

Chemical Peel and Skin Care Training

Chemical Peel Training

Medical Grade Chemical Peel and Skin Care Courses. Learn two of the most popular peel systems the AHA and TCA peels during one course.

Lady with various skin conditions

What does the chemical peels training course involve?

The objective of the chemical peel training course is to teach clinicians the proper protocols for safe and effective facial rejuvenation using 2 of the most successful peel systems.  This is a half day course and can be combined with the Dermaroller training day for a reduced rate of £1000

Which chemical peel products are used for the course?

The Neostrata range of AHA peels (Mild) and Dermaceutic Forte TCA Peels(Medium) will be the focus of this course.

Why these peel products?

The Neostrata range of AHA peels are one of the most effective peel range since the bio-availability of the Glycolic acid is high. therefore, allowing maximum penetration for each peel application. In short, the peel solution is not buffered so the penetration each concentration of acid is more effective than other peels of this type.

The Dermaceutic TCA is easy and safe to apply,  this peel can be applied with a minor adverse response. The peel program involves applying four peels at regular intervals to achieve deep penetration without the adverse events associated with one deep peel. The program allows for maximum patient satisfaction and minimal or no downtime.

Chemical Peel and Skin Care Course Outline

What will you be learning?

You will be learning about the different range of skin peels on the market.
Patient selection and skin types.
The peel protocols for the AHA and TCA peel systems.
Peel application-Hands on practical.


Skin care products and protocols.
Marketing peels in your practice.

What will you receive on completion?

You will be presented with all the course material this includes chemical peel patient documents (treatment plan, medical history, pre and post care, examples), marketing information, presentations and skin care protocols.

Candidates will be presented with recognised certification which will enable you to source insurance.

What will I be able to treat?

The range we use will enable you to treat each of the Fitzpatrick skin type scales. You will be able to treat wrinkles, poor texture, smoker’s complexion and pigment disorders, acne and pigmentation spots.

lady peeling off a face mask

Micro Skin Needling- Dermaroller Training

Foundation Course for Doctors, Dental Professionals, Nurses and Pharmacists.

dermaroller instrument

The objective of the introduction to Dermaroller training course is to teach practitioners the techniques for skin micro needling in facial aesthetics.

Which Dermarollers are used?

We provide Dermaroller training but the choice of roller is up to you.

For the hands on practical we will use the Genuine Dermaroller ,and /or MTS Roller

Why do we use these Dermarollers?

These are good quality and cost effective Dermarollers.

What will I be learning on the Aesthetics Inc. Training  Dermaroller course?

You will learn how micro needling and combining skin care products will achieve superior results for a range of indications with the Dermaroller technique.

Will I get the opportunity to treat patients?

Yes, if you look at the Dermaroller Training Course outline , the candidates will spend the majority of the course treating models.

The half days Dermaroller session combines theory and practical training. You will learn how to use the Dermaroller to treat laxity of the skin, general ageing, scars and stretch marks. This treatment is an essential part of the aesthetic industry as this will address the entire face and neck whereas injectable treatments generally treat isolated areas.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment works by inducing the body to produce more collagen to plump and firm up the skin. A healthy profit margin can be made from this treatment making it an essential part of your aesthetic skill set.

Business in a Box

If you attend our Dermaroller course you will receive a free Business in a Box containing two Dermarollers. These can be used to treat two individual clients or as a course of two treatments for one person enabling you to earn up to £400- £500.

Combined Chemical Peel & Dermaroller

Our Dermaroller and Chemical Peel courses are scheduled on the same day. Both courses can be booked together for a discounted price of £1000 including VAT.

Lip Augmentation Course-Master Class

This lip injection course is a foundation/intermediate Course for Doctors, Dental Professionals, Nurses and Pharmacists.

This is a 1 day course dedicated to perfecting lip treatments with HA dermal fillers. During this course candidates will be assessing and treating patients with dermal fillers under the supervision of our trainer.

lady being injected into lips on face

What will the lip augmentation course involve?

The focus of this lip master class is to teach candidates the artistry for lip enhancements plus improve the assessment and the injection techniques for these treatments. The lip course also includes removal of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers with Hyaluronidase.

The attendance of our foundation/introduction to dermal fillers course is recommended before attending the lip master class. We also cover lip augmentation on our foundation dermal filler courses. Some of our competitors do not include the lip augmentation in their foundation courses, therefore this course is also ideal for candidates who have attended their courses and wish to learn these techniques.

What products are used?

The Products used are LMX-4 topical anaesthesia, Juvederm Ultra™ 2 and 3, Smile, TEOSYAL™ plus HYALASE™ (Hyaluronidase).

What will I receive on completion of the lip master class?

Candidates will be presented with recognised certification and earn additional CPD points.

Recognised Training Provider

We are a recognised training provider for Cosmetic Insure, one of the leading insurance providers for the aesthetics industry and our cosmetic training courses are eligible to contribute towards your annual CPD requirements.

On successful completion of your training you will have been exposed to enough experience to undertake unsupervised practice. You will receive an approved certificate of completion, which will allow you to gain insurance for practice. A certificate of completion is issued which will allow you to gain insurance for practice.  

V300 Non-Medical Prescribing Qualification

 V300 Independent Nurse Prescriber

For nurses undertaking the V300 independent and supplementary prescribing course we are able to arrange clinical supervision with our tutors to count towards the 90 clinical hours as per the course requirement.

Prescribing Service for Nurses

Aesthetics Inc can advise on associations and agencies who are able to offer a network of prescribers throughout the UK who offer a prescribing service for nurses.

Nurse Prescriber Supervised Hours for V300

Are you an independent nurse prescriber or training to become a nurse prescriber?

Aesthetics Inc can offer you clinical supervised practice to use as part of the required 90 hours you need to complete your course. You will still need to have a designated medical practitioner (DMP) to sign your summative and formative assessment tool but as part of these hours you can spend time with other prescribers.