Skin Analysis

Having a concern over a lesion, mole or skin condition can be a worrying time.

Time can be of the essence and at Aesthetics Inc. we would like to help lessen your anxieties by having to wait too long for answers.

Should you have a concern regarding a skin complaint of any sort and would like as assessment by a dermatologist then make an appointment with us at one of our clinics.

One of our nurses will take a full medical history, photographs and any measurements required and consult one of the dermatologists that we work with on your behalf. A full written report will be sent back to us (usually within 24 hours). We will then contact you with the report. This can either be emailed to you or you can come in to collect it.

Should you need a referral to your local dermatologist this will be indicated in your report which you can present to your GP.


Skin analysis by dermatologist